A Brave Story: Tammy + Rachel

A Brave Story: Tammy + Rachel

The wonderful Annie F. Downs recently released a book entitled “Let’s All Be Brave“.
If you missed our review, click on the book title and you’ll be able to read what we thought of her book. (The giveaway has passed, but the write-up is still wonderful!)
She has an ongoing project with the hashtag #thatisbrave and more information on that is found by clicking that hashtag.

One part of #thatisbrave is reader-submitted stories of bravery.

BraveGirl Tammy submitted a story of her friend Rachel Saxton who bravely fought against Osteosarcoma.
Here is part of the story:

My friend Rachel was diagnosed with osteosarcoma while a senior in high school. They told her she would lose her leg, but miraculously, they were able to spare her amputation and instead were able to cut out the bone and replace it with a titanium rod. After chemo, the cancer was gone, but it came back. She beat it twice. It came back a third time three years later and this time it was ugly. Just when one tumor was removed and treated, another popped up. She celebrated her 22nd birthday with friends before traveling to OHSU in Oregon for her treatment which began on her birthday. At the end of that treatment, a third tumor appeared and it was inoperable.

Never did she stop smiling. Never did she complain. She was greatly involved in our local chapter of YoungLife as well as Cross Fit. It was while at Cross Fit that she noticed the arm numbness that was the return of her cancer. She thought she’d injured herself lifting.

Rachel always put Jesus at the forefront. She still has a YouTube video of her story. It has over 13,000 views. Several people gave their lives to Christ at her memorial, which was so well attended that some people had to stand at our church, which seats 500.

Here is the rest of the story on Annie’s Page.


Rachel at her 22nd Birthday Party with Tammy



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