BraveGirl Mindy

Mindy’s passion for helping women and youth understand God’s unconditional love comes from the combination of her Jewish heritage, her life as a child in a single-parent home, and her love for Jesus Christ.  She has a strong desire for all to know the depth of His great love and understand what it means to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father, so that God may shine radiantly from within His children.   Mindy longs for women to understand that God loves them for who they are, not what they do.  Mindy helps women understand how God takes the broken pieces of our lives and puts them back together into a beautiful masterpieces.  God’s unconditionally love allows for women to live freely and passionately as wives, moms, and friends.

Mindy holds a Master’s degree in Religion & Christian Leadership and a Master’s degree in Education, which have prepared her for the roles of teacher and speaker in women’s ministry as well as to serve alongside her husband at an international day/boarding school.  She currently teaches Biblical Perspectives to teenagers and she teaches women in her local church.  Over the years Mindy has taught many different studies.  Currently she is teaching “Restless” by Jennie Allen, and in the past she taught “The Father’s Love: Our Roots Run Deep” which she wrote as a picture of her Jewish heritage. cwvDm9asA3Lw9bM2Abl5etGTAg

Mindy and her husband have two children (and many other children whom they love) as they help to raise them in the boarding-school environment. From church, to school, to sports – life is busy and fast, but together they lead a radiant life for One by Basking in His Light daily.

You may connect with Mindy on her website Basking in His Light: Warmth for the Heart and Encouragement for the Soul